Sunday, April 6, 2014

It's 80 degrees as I sit here on the porch... ;)

Hello hello everyone!!!

I miss and love you all!! This week was so so so so so so so good. I
want to be a missionary forever... I love this.

I will just try and give y'all a run down of the week, hope I don't bore you. :)


President came by our apartment while we were doing emails... He lives
in our neighborhood, and he was out running. I love him! Anyways, he
came and saw us for a sec, then called us about 5 min after he left
and told us there was an alligator... So obviously we went and saw it.
Sister Bailey hasn't seen one yet... She's been dying... We finally
found the alligator and sis b and I took about a million pics,
modeling the gator of course ;) I will send some. Too much fun.

Then we had dinner with a member fam (Monday nights we get to go to
members for dinner now). And taught them all about hastening the work.
It was good! It was fun to be there!!


Lesson with a less active. We had a member come with us, she's a
convert, and she bore a powerful testimony. It was great.

We did service for a lady we met walking around in a neighbor hood...
We helped her tile her floor. I mean, you can call me handy Mandy-
not. I didn't have a clue what i was doing. She's a super sweet lady
with a cute family, hoping for an opportunity to start teaching them.

Then we went to a baseball game of one of the primary kids... Good way
to meet new people it was great :)... They played the rangers ;)


We taught Carlos again, the 26 year old. He's seriously like a dream.
We LOVE teaching him. He has so many questions and is so sincere. He
said he would get baptized if he knows the church is true! We are
excited to watch conference with him!

Then we taught Crystal. She is a recent convert, just got baptized in
November. She's moving to Utah this week, to be with her fiancé...
He's the one that introduced her to the church... Too cute. I love her
so much!! She's my age.


Taught Kaitlin (the cutest, sweetest, happy girl I've ever met). She
is so cute. She's 18, good friends with a boy serving a mission, and
he introduced to missionaries before he left. I love her, she's
seriously so cute... Mix of Megan Owen and Mitra... She reminds me of
both of them. Too cute.


Shoutout: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! :) I love you.

Friday was so good. We had a lesson with a family who hasn't been
coming to church. No one from the ward has been able to get in contact
with them for months. They have three little girls 11, 8, and 6. I
mean... I'm obsessed. They are the cutest girls. The dad wasn't home,
so we had "girls night." Pizza and a lesson. The 8 year old isn't
baptized yet, so we are teaching her and the whole family. She is the
sweetest thing. I LOVE teaching kids. It's so much more fun ;) not
really, it's just easier for me, ha not as scary. She said the closing
prayer and said "please bless that the missionaries can come and watch
conference with us and that we can snuggle..."WHAT?! Yes please.
Goodness, they are just too cute for words. Then before we left, she
gave us a big hug and said "thank you for teaching us about Jesus
Christ." Okay. Cutest.


It was raining so hard. We could like FEEL the lighting, I mean it was
scary, but it's fine/ super cool. I can't wait for the summer
lightning storms... They are unreal.

Women's broadcast with Crystal... I LOVE HER!!


Um okay I love fast and testimony meeting.

Crystal got up (the recent convert). It was so so so sweet. She was
thanking all the people in the ward who had helped her, and then the
missionaries she said "you guys have changed my life." My goodness, I
love her. I'm glad she will be in Utah... We can party together.

Then a boy we are teaching, who's fam is less active, he's 11 bore his
testimony too. He said "I used to be a horrible kid (not true, he's 11
and a sweetheart) but ever since I came to church I feel different and
it's making me better. I realized that when I was doing those horrible
things, I wasn't thinking about God or Jesus,  it now that I go to
church, I think about them all the time." Okay. Talk about a happy day
for sis.Bailey and I. It was the sweetest thing.

We taught 3rd hour- combined relief society, priesthood, and young
women. It was so so fun. This ward is insanely good at sharing the
gospel. A lot of the things we used were from "The Power of Everyday
Missionaries"... You should read it !!! It's so good.

Then we went to Presidents for dinner last night. IT WAS SO FUN. I
seriously love them so so much. We are going there for a session of
conference this weekend too. Too fun!! I love them.

Things are going so good, time is flying too fast. I was talking to
sister Bailey about it last night. Time is so funny out here, feels
like I've been gone forever, and out for a month all at the same time,
it's weird... But it's starting to fly and it kinda scares me.  Just
gotta love everyday I guess, huh? :)

Man. Something in testimony meeting really stuck out to me yesterday.
Someone said something like, we know that Christ died for us, lots of
people know that. But even more than that, he LIVED for us, and lives
for us. I loved that. This gospel is so very full of hope. I am so
excited for Easter, to get to celebrate the most marvelous and hopeful
thing to ever happen. I know He lives!

Well I sure love y'all so so much!!!! Thanks for all the love. I sure
love you tons.

Sister Megan Brialle Burton :)

It's already time for another email?!

Well, this week literally FLEW by. I can't remember like a single
thing that happened I feel like.

Well let's start with Monday.
We had a lesson with a part member family. The husband is a member,
but he was working. Their son is 14 and he just got baptized in
October. HE IS A STUD. I love him, such a good boy. Then they have a
little one who is like 7 months. I AM OBSESSED. He is literally the
CUTEST baby I've ever seen in my whole life.
Anyways, the mom isn't a member. So we taught her about Joseph Smith
and the restoration on Monday night. Her 14 yeAr old boy who has been
a member for about 6 months bore his testimony about how he knows it's
true... Then at the end he said the most humble prayer I've ever
heard, asking that his mom would get her answer and know that it was
true. Tender little moment.

Saturday we had a lesson with Carlos. His parents are both recent
converts, he's 26. He is SO COOL. We love him. Saturday we had the
most awesome lesson. For twelve week we had been studying one of the
videos from The District and role played it. In our lesson on Saturday
Carlos asked the basically the EXACT same question we had role played,
and we were able to help him recognize the Spirit! He was pumped to
read the Book of Mormon!!! He is so neat.

We met with the family that we met last week. They had so many
questions, they are so so neat. It was really good.

I got to see tons of people from Odessa yesterday. Man, I love them.
They all said I look way different.... So watch out, might not even
recognize me when I get home... Sis Bailey and I are gettin YOKED. And
burnt... We decided to walk ALL DAY Saturday ( I was missing metro) ;)
and we got FRIED. I love floridA:)

Glad Andria sent you that pic!!! Their kids are so stinking cute!!! :)

Can we just take a minute and talk about my companions?! I've been so
blessed. I saw sis Millard yesterday and got the neatest little letter
from her. She is the best. And then there's sister Bailey. I know for
a fact Heavenly Father knew I needed this girl. She is teaching me so
very much. She is one of the sweetest, happiest, most hopeful people
I've ever met. She's just got so much faith. I love her so much. Her
dad will be in Rexburg this week, i gave her your number to give to
her dad, dad so you might hear from him?! Her and I will be friends
forever. I hope she never goes to Brazil ;)

Well I love ya'll so much. Yesterday was a rough one. but that's ok
:)...they can't all be good. I went back through and read letters from
y'all, then I felt better....

Sooooo.....thanks for all that you do!! I love you so very much!! So
so so much.
Hope you all have a good week and a fun little spring break!!

Sister Megan Brialle Burton

Most Miraculous Moments

Hello hello!!

This week has been probably my favorite week my whole mission. I
re-read the Fourth Missionary talk (the best talk in the world...READ
IT) and then after I had a very sincere prayer/conversation with
Heavenly Father. Just that I would really be able to give my whole
entire heart 100% of myself to right now, to this work.

All week I have been having moments where I think to myself "this is
exactly where I am supposed to be." We are seeing miracles every
single day. Yesterday we had the most miraculous day. We were trying
to make visits with a list that our WML gave us. We went to a house,
didn't end up being the less active that we were looking for, but the
couple let us right in. The mom said she wanted us to teach her
granddaughter. We left them with a prayer and they told us we could
come back. When we got back in the car we realized we had gone to the
wrong address of the less active, it wasn't even close to where we
were. We still don't know how we got there... Well obviously it was

THEN we had a dinner with a member and their non member friends. A
FAMILY!!  this family is so great. They have two little girls, and
they have so much faith. The member met the dad at the dad's work.
They became good friends, he took them to night in Bethlehem, and has
given them a Book of Mormon. He is the best member missionary. The
spirit was so very strong in that home. They were asking all kinds of
questions about the Restoration. I wanted to burst with tears. The
member family was so happy, so happy. I don't think I've had a sweeter
experience on my mission. This is what it's all about. We are seeing
them again this week.

THEN we met with this boy named Chris. He's 18, reminds me of little
Blake :) he had been meeting with missionaries in Clearwater. He wants
to get baptized!!!!!!!! It's fine. Miracles are happening every two

The two best member-missionaries I've seen this week are two special
people. They both have lots of trials, lots of hard things going on in
their lives. They'd be the one to have the "too busy" excuse for not
listening to the prophet and sharing the gospel. But they don't take
it. They are missionary machines. Seriously. So incredible. And they
are happy. I've learned a lot from both of them.

Had interviews with President this week. I love him. So much. He told
me so many things I needed to hear, he's indeed an inspired man. He is
so sweet too, he even gave me a hug after :) I love him!

Sister Bailey is the best. Don't worry dad, I'm learning all about her
Texan ways :) she's so good. Makes me want to be better.

I never want to leave this place.

They had us bear our testimonies yesterday at church. I don't know why
I still get nervous, but this time my heart was pounding so very fast,
faster than normal even. I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know it
because of blessings I see, but most importantly from how i feel when
I say it. He lives, and because He lives, we can find strength, hope,
peace,forgiveness, and WE CAN CHANGE. We can become better, more like
Him. His light is so very real. It covers all that darkness of the

I love you so so so much family and friends!!
Big hugs!!!
Sis Burton

You'll never guess where I am at.....

Guess where I am right now?!

Wesley chapel... Serving in the Tampa 2 ward, which probably means
nothing to you, but it's the ward that neighbors Odessa!! So we share
a building with them... How awesome is that?!

President is in our area... Holla :) this ward went from having two
sets of elders to now no elders but two sets of sisters!! :) they are
so sooo sooo excited to have sisters. Our ward mission leader is the
MAN. I LOVE HIM!!! He put us right to work.

Daddy!!! Guess where my companion is from?!
Allen Texas!!!! I LOVE HER!!!
She's so stinking cute, so pumped about the work... She has made me
more excited about it to. She's super happy all the time, so sweet. I
love her!! She was originally assigned to Brazil, so she will head
there when she gets her visa. She's a sweetheart.

I was so excited to be staying in Tampa in an area that's pretty
familiar. Kind of awesome. I will probs be here the rest of mission,
which is rad.

Dad you asked me forever ago if I knew the date, and I do. My return
date is like august 20th

Oh, since President is having all the new missionaries go out to do
metro their first couple days, we got to go to metro this weekend!!
Yay yay yay!! It was so so fun!! We got to ride the bus and contact,
which I hadn't done before it was fun. Passed out cards at the
lightning game, it was just really good. Downtown's got my heart,
excited to take y'all there!

This ward had a total (with both sets of missionaries) of 6 lessons
the week before we got here, sooo there's lots of work to get done :)
Itll be good. Sis Bailey is a super hard worker, so it'll be good!!!

We'll well well I have no time... Weird huh?!
Love you tons!!!
Sister Burton

Thursday, March 6, 2014

See ya later, Metro :(‏

Okay everyone.... This was our faces when we found out the results of transfers.....

Sad :(

Sister Millard is training!! Just after 3 months.... (because she is a ROCKSTAR) She's gonna do so good. I'm gonna miss her so much though. We have had little moments all weekend where we look at each other and just start crying. I seriously love her so much! It'll be hard to leave her.

As for me, I'll be going to a new area (they don't tell me where until tomorrow) and be training a new sister too. AH!!!! Not knowing where I'm going kinda makes me nervous. So does training. Ah. But it will be good. 

Saying bye to the ward was rough, not as bad as last time though. I only cried a couple times... the Lewis's. MAN I will miss them SO stinking much. They've been like my mom and dad here. I seriously think the world of them. Their oldest just got her call to Portugal this week! I love them so much. I will really miss them. 

Ummmm stories for this week?!
Uhhh... I was sick at the begginning. But I'm getttin better!! 
I literally have no time to email, I'm so sorry (probs no personal emails today... SO sorry friends :))

I wish I could remember what happened. OH cool story. Weds we had a lesson with this lady who recently lost her 23 year old son. She is so sad :(. We said a prayer for her. Earlier that day in my personal prayer I had prayed to have my testimony of the plan of salvation strenghtened... Boy does He answer prayers! :) While we were saying this prayer with this lady I could literally feel angels in that living room. Her boy was there, there was no doubt in my mind. Such a neat experience. 

Friday we went out contacting as usual. Talked to this guy for about five min, said he wasnt big into religion, too much hypocricy, just a short little contact. The next morning we had a voicemail on our phone from him. He had checked out and said "Okay, I wanna know more about this mormon thing, can we meet up?". Yes sir, yes we can meet up. It was just SO stinking cool, cause he was the last person we thought would get back to us. YAY. We never know who's prepared... but God does. That's why we just gotta open our mouths and invite EVERYONE :)

Testimony time! :)

Man. I love being a missionary. I feel like the things I've learned in Metro are going to bless me for the rest of my life. I know that the Spirit is what makes this Work work. He leads us, helps us know what to say, and he teaches the people. I have LOVED spending everyday with this badge on, walking on the streets of downtown Tampa, and inviting everyone I see to experience the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I am so blessed to have this opportunity here. Downtown Tampa will always have a special place in my heart.I CAN'T WAIT TO SHOW YOU GUYS THIS PLACE! :) 

This ward taught me so much too. Man. All these cute little families make me so excited to be a momma and a wife someday. They have taught me a ton. I love them. Wanna be like them someday. Such good, strong, faithful families. Hard to leave.

Sister Burton

Hey y'all :)

This week was super good!! Ask me if I'm typing y'all this message on
my new IPAD?!? Holla:)

Well this week was good.

Johnson ( the one from Nigeria) is still the funniest person ever. We
had a cool lesson with him this week all about the Book of Mormon. He
really likes to question things... But we used a scripture from the
bible that talks about the Book of Mormon, and he couldn't say a
thing. The Spirit was strong.

Srujan ( the one from indiA) is soooo cool. I LOVE teaching him. He
said he knows the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith is a
prophet! He agreed to get baptized if he gets answers to his prayers
about God being there. Man I love him so much!

I told you about the mom and daughter right?! Man they are the best.
Mom agreed to get baptized and has a date set for March 22. Daughter
will hopefully have a date too this week! They are so so so so funny!!

Jacob and Blake!!! You're birthdays are this week!!! Oh my goodness!!
You are gettin so stinking old. 16 jake?! Who's your first date gonna
be with?! Tell me everything :)

I love you all so so so much!!! :) have a good week!!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

SO MUCH IS GOING ON.... I think the work is hastening :)‏

Seriously, I feel like there are so many flipping awesome things going on right now. SERIOUSLY.I don't think I've been this happy in my whole life. 

Wednesday we got invited to MLC, so we went (duh) and it was INCREDIBLE. The best training I think I've ever had. We had two people from the missionary department come and train us.... (cause we're getting ipads... tomorrow!!... ya that's right)  They taught us how to be better teachers and MAN is it helping SO much. I feel like imma brand new missionary learning all over again. We found 6 new investigators... we TRIPLED our goal! Heavenly Father is blessing us SO much!!! 

Everyone keeps talking about this sense of "urgency" to share the gospel, hasten the work and whatnot. I'm gonna be honest, I wasn't quite feeling it... just kinda going about the usual routine. But after this week BOY AM I FEELING IT!!! This work is ROLLING. Seriously. This is God's work and it's hastening. 

Lemme tell ya bout some of the ppl we found this week. 

Johnson (real name is like Ugochuku... he's from Nigeria... west Africa for those of you... like me... who don't know where that is). HE IS THE FUNNIEST PERSON I HAVE EVER MET. Seriously. He is SO sarcastic, and so funny. Sis Millard and I were cracking up. He's really interested too! I met him 2 weeks ago on a mini metro exchange, then sis M and i met up with him this week, and he wants to meet up again. He is a student at UT. He is seriously so funny. And it's super fun to teach him cause we can be extra bold with him, cause it fits his personality. He's the man.

We contacted a referral, and it ended up bein a mom and 15 year old daughter. Ty (the daughter) was soooooo shy during the lesson. I just kept thinking about how good young womens would be for her... How much I wanted her to see that she was a daughter of God, and what that means. I felt so much love for her so fast. Goodness. I've never taught a teenager before. It was neat. We are meeting with them again this week!!

There is so stinking much to tell you!!! This week was so solid!

OKAY. GET THIS. This whole online thing is SO stinking inspired it KILLS ME!! Soooo we met this guy on Bayshore... (the prettiest road in all of tampa... i'm obsessed) while we were cleaning up trash one day after the parade about 3 weeks ago. I think I told you that already. Anyways, so we meet this guy who lives in Brandon, asks where church is. We get his email so we can send him the address. So we email him the addresses along w/ a video from He writes us back and tells us how inspiring it is. Asks what the difference between mormon and baptists is... "LET ME TELL YOU!!"... restoration right?....
soooooo we send him a brief overview of lesson one along with another video about Joseph Smith with L. Tom Perry. He said back " the video is amazing ! i didn't know this existed , it makes me wonder and want to know more!" 
He wants to meet with us this week!!! HOLLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is so prepared it is blowing my mind!!!

Okay, last one then i promise i'll keep it down :)
SOOOOOO remember the family I told you about like 3 months ago that we met outside the strip mall having a bday party and invited us to come and eat cupcakes with them?! Well anyways one of them is a 23 year old girl, super sweet. I had friended her on FB, talked a few times, but then she like deleted me... (sad day, right?). SO THEN Sis Millard needed a haircut today, so we went to get it done. The receptionist turned out to be her!!!!! She came and gave me a huge hug, her new FB account (she had deleted her old one), and her phone number. She said she has been having a rough time, feeling really down and confused, and that she prayed this morning on her way to work for some help. She said she knows that it was no coincidence that we came in today, she knows it was God. I can't wait to start teaching her!!! 

MAN!!! I feel like things are going so good, time is going so fast. I am just LOVING every minute, trying to soak it all up. 

Bro. Lewis (our WML) is seriously the MAN. I feel like he's my dad here. I love him SO MUCH. He makes me miss you dad! 

Hermana Snow and Graves moved in with us... so we aren't doin Metro motel very much anymore, which is totes good, cause now we can focus on our investigators more!!! Annnd I love them, I haven't laughed so hard. hahahaha they are so fun!!! 

I LOVE THIS WORK. It's so true. It's seriously the most important thing in the world. I'm so glad I'm here. 

I love you all so so so so so much!!!
Sister B.